Vitamin c whitening & moisturizer cream 50g

  • AED 44.00
  • AED 90.00

This face cream is made from high-concentrated ingredients like Vitamin C, Nicotinamide, and hyaluronic acid that efficiently refreshes the skin. It helps in lifting and firming, deeply repairing, nourishing and protecting, and revitalizing the skin. This fruit cream is resisting oxidation. It can reduce and inhibit melanin production and keep skin moisturized.

  1. It nourishes and moisturizes the skin.
  2. It makes the skin tender and radiant. 
  3. It minimizes fine lines and tightens the skin.
How to use:
  1. Wash your face with clean water.
  2. Apply toner First.
  3. Apply an appropriate amount on face skin then massage with your finger.