Hair color wax temporary 9 colors - MOSS HERB

AED 49.00 AED 100.00


The temporary hair coloring wax comes off when washing the hair; it is made of organic and natural ingredients. It is not greasy and easy to clean. It increases hair shine, and it's organic ingredients make hair look smoother and more beautiful. Ideal for all types of hair. It is easy to remove when washed.

  1. It is easy to use, clean, not durable & not greasy.
  2. It will not damage the hair, and colors appear immediately.
  3. It is perfect for both men and women.
How to use:
  1. Get proper amount of wax and smear it evenly on hands.
  2. Using hands put wax to hair along the direction of hair growth.
  3. leave on the hair for some minutes until hair coloring been.