Eyelash Enhancer Growth Serum

  • AED 69.00
  • AED 110.00

This FEG Serum is prepared with advanced peptides that increase the length, thickness, and quantity of your eyelashes. It is made from high-quality, naturals, and safe ingredients that have been used for many years in beauty products and the growth of gorgeous eyelashes and eyebrows. This FEG Eyelashes Enhancer Serum is formulated with the latest improved formula that makes it the healthiest and most effective treatment! Use this Serum, and you’ll notice a change within 1-3 weeks.

  1. It makes eyelashes longer.
  2. It makes eyelashes thicker & healthier.
  3. It makes eyelashes darker & shiny.
  4. It is user friendly and ideal for daily use
    How to use:
    1. Wash your eyelashes with water.
    2. Use the brush on the upper and lower eyelashes at the root.
    3. Use it every night as if you were using eyeliner.