Eyebrow Styling Gel

  • AED 44.00
  • AED 80.00

This eyebrow styling gel wax is 100% brand new and made with Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, and natural beeswax. This eyebrow shaping gel is colorless, odourless, transparent, and makes hot wild eyebrows. Its stereotypes make your eyebrows three-dimensional, realistic, and dense. 

  1. It makes your eyebrows vivid and stunning.
  2. It makes hot wild eyebrows.
  3. It makes eyebrows three-dimensional and natural.
How to use:
  1. Spray the brush head with water.
  2. Coat the moist bristles with brow gel.
  3. Brush the brows in the same direction then flick upward and downward.