Blueberry clay face mask refreshing ANTI-AGING - LANBENA

Dhs. 24 Dhs. 80

LANBENA face use blueberry hydrating smoothing facial clay mask

Rich in natural blueberry extracts, astaxanthin and vitamin C, the Blueberry Clay Mask helps refresh your skin on the elasticity with its anti-oxidation and anti-aging function. It nourishes the skin, shrinks pores, moisturizes deeply and replenishes moisture. The light and thin mineral clay, helping to remove excess sebum from the pores.

Skin Types: Suitable for various skin types

How to use

1. It is better to clean skin by the liquid face wash

2. Take a suitable amount of products to smear evenly on your forehead, nose and both sides of nose, don’t smear on places around your eyes

3. Wash by clean water after 10 minutes. It is suggested to use 1-2 times each week

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