Black herbal hair dye color shampoo - 250ml

Dhs. 69

* Plant formula hair shampoo is not irritate the scalp, which is healthy and environmentally friendly.

* Helps strengthen, nourish, protect and repair your scalp, does not damage the hair. * Herbal extracts give you healthy and natural looking black hair color.

* It can make the hair darken by washing the hair. It is easier to operate than the traditional hair dye, and the effect is more natural.

* Wondrous instant hair dye shampoo will only take a few minutes to give you a lustrous black hair color that will last up to 30 days.

* Counter the signs of age and forget white and grey hair. Simply apply a dose of this great instant hair dye shampoo, you instantly feel young.

* Compared to the traditional hair dye, it has the advantage of low cost, time-saving and convenience characteristics. You can now dye your hair quickly and easily at home by yourself.

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