4 in 1 eyebrow pencil #2 Medium

  • Dhs. 34.00



A four-color Ball Eyebrow Pencil will make your eyebrows more vivid and three-dimensional. The pen has four colors and a sharper that is used for eyebrow profile initial eyebrow filling. It has a concealer that is perfect for modifying eyebrow shape and making the outline more stereoscopic. Highlighter helps to brighten the eyebrows and make eyebrows more natural. The eyebrow pencil color effect is excellent, waterproof, and sweet.

  1. It makes the eyebrow three-dimensional. 
  2. It modifies the eyebrow shape.
  3. It brightens and the eyebrows.
How to use:
  1. Use Sharper to make your eyebrows sharp.
  2. Use the deeper to fulfill the eyebrows.
  3. Use concealer to make the eyebrows area clear.
  4. Use Highlighter to make the camber area highlight.