Hair Growth Serum - MOSS HERB

AED 99.00 AED 149.00


This hair growth serum is the most effective for treating hair loss, bald spots, alopecia, and other common hair issues. It nourishes the hair's root and reduces hair fall by preventing a dry scalp and feeding your scalp with nutrients. It also helps to prevent premature greying. Add this serum to your healthy hair regimen and watch hair transforms into a much stronger, shiny, longer, and healthier state.

  1. It nourishes the hair's roots and reduces hair fall.
  2.  It helps to prevent dry scalp and provides nutrition to your scalp.
  3.  It transforms hair into stronger, shiny, longer, and healthier states.
How to use: 
  1. Wash your hair properly with water and then dry it.
  2. Message your hair with your fingers for about 2-3 minutes.
  3. No need to wash your hair with water after use.