Hair Dye color - 2 Color

AED 19.00 AED 50.00


Disposable Hair Dye Pen Cover White Hair Lipstick-shape Quickly cover the white hair, easy to apply and do not hurt, easy to clean.

The steps are simple and quick, saving time

Do not go to the salon shop can also DIY their own hair.

  1. Doesn’t  hurt  hair, healthy  without  stimulation. 
  2. cover gray hair easily and easy  to clean.
  3. Water  proof and sweat proof.
How to use: 
  1. Make sure the hair is dry before use.
  2. Twist out about 1cm of the paste. 
  3. dyed good , blow dry with a hair dryer not easy to fade
    Then use comb carding hair the effect will be very natural
How to clean : 
  1. use shampoo to clean the color of the touch -pen
  2. use shampoo again to clean  the head and wash hair normally  .

    Wash it before going to bed, so as not to touch the pillow