Charcoal Teeth Whitening Strips (Natural) - SMILE BEAUTIFUL

Dhs. 44 Dhs. 120

General :

1). Extrinsic tooth discoloration(affected by coffee,tobacco,sauce,tea,food,etc) 

2). Intrinsic tooth discoloration(mild fluorosis or tetracycline staining).

3). Genetically yellow teeth.

4). Other cause of teeth discoloration.

5). All the people who want a whiter & brighter smile.


How to use Beautiful SmileTeeth Whitening Gel Strips???

Step 1: Peel

Brush Teeth. Open the teeth whitening strip packet. Remove the smaller strip with dry clean hands. Tear off the strip from the backing liner.


Step 2: Apply

Fit lower strip--applying gel side against your teeth. Line up with edge of gum and apply gentle pressure to mould the strip securely to the teeth.

Fold remaining strip behind tooth to keep in place. Repeat with the upper strip.


Step 3: Reveal

After 20 mins, peel off both teeth whitening strips and dispose of safely. Rinse mouth with water.

Results can be visibly noticeable within 3 days, and the end result will be perfect if you continue use for 14 days !

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