Snail Ampoule Esfolio 180ml

Dhs. 189 Dhs. 240


An ampoule is essentially a supercharged serum, higher potency than the usual creams, essences or serums.

Snail Ampoule is filled with snail secretion filtrate along with active ingredients to effectively calm and soothe the skin. It's especially effective on acne prone and angered skin.

It would be best to use an ampoule after using several products, that will help your skin absorb more nutrients and to have visible results.

Key Benefits :

  • Intensive Moisturizing
  • Smooth Skin Texture
  • Nutritious Vitamin Capsules
  • Good for breakout-prone skin

How to use:

1) Scrape an adequate amount from the jar with the spatula

2) Apply the product evenly on your skin after using toner

3) Tap it and gently until the serum's essence is being absorbed by your skin.


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