FEG Eyebrow Enhancer Growth Serum

Dhs. 69 Dhs. 150

Effect of  FEG eyebrow enhancer:

 1.    Make the eyebrow much longer;

 2.    Make the eyebrow much thicker;

 3.    Make the eyebrow much darker;


FEG Eyebrow Enhancer Serum formulated with advanced polypeptides to increase the length, thickness and volume of your eyebrows. FEG Eyebrow Enhancer Serum is perfect for individuals with weak,thin or short eyebrows.

FEG eyebrow enhancer is a Eyebrow Growth and Enhancer Serum

100% Organic,Safe & Natural
Made with safe & natural ingredients that have been used for many years in beauty products and for the growth of beautiful longeyebrows,and it is the latest improved formula which is most healthy&effective in treatment.

Beautiful, longer & thicker eyebrows will start to show 2-6 weeks from using FEG Eyebrow Enhancer Serum.

How to apply:

1. Apply a thin line of FEG eyebrow enhancer evenly to the base of the lashes, above the level of your skin.

2. One brush stroke is sufficient.

3. Recommend that you remove the makeup and contact lenses, then wash your hands and face with mild soap and water prior to the application of FEG eyebrow enhancer .

4. use 2 to 3 times per day .

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