Rankous Beard Oil

Dhs. 69 Dhs. 120


• Help to grow the beard

• Light and non-greasy

• Rich in vitamins and antioxidants

• Softening and moisturizing for both your face and beard

• Naturally anti-fungal and good for beardruff

• Smoothes split ends

• Can also help reduce protein loss in the hair

• Anti-aging and restructuring properties

• Anti-inflammatory and acne preventing properties

• NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Rankous beard oil contains all-natural ingredients which are 100% organic. It is safe for your skin and helps in beard growth naturally.


Regular use of Rankous Beard Oil will make your beard/stubble/moustache (delete as appropriate) strong like a bear and soft as an otter's pocket ... and everyone loves an otter's pocket (unless of course you don't and you prefer the strong bear type). The oil can help tame unruly hairs and will leave you looking and feeling softer, cleaner, smoother and seriously suave.

Tame the wild" with the finest quality beard oil. it's designed to coat, hydrate and soften your facial hair, leaving you feeling fresh and looking great.


1: Drop the desired amount into the palm of your hand

2: Rub your hands together

3: Apply evenly to your facial hair.

Use regularly daily. 

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